8.1 Good Games

Cast MVP

  • Lee KwangSoo

Guest MVP

  • Goo HaRa
Games: 9.5
Funny Level: 6
Guests: 8.5
Location: 8.5

Filming Date: July 5, 2010

Air Date: July 18, 2010

Location: Suwon World Cup Stadium (Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do)

Guests: Goo HaRa (Kara), Lee ChunHee, and Song JiHyo

I have already seen all of these Running Man episodes but in honor of my trip to Korea I am rewatching, reviewing and recapping  as mentioned in this post. My hope is to run into filming of Running Man during my trip! So here is my Running Man Recap!

A Wild Song JiHyo Appears! 

This is the first episode where Song JiHyo appears! She still has some time until she becomes Ace JiHyo but it is still great to see her. This episode has great games but lacking in the comedy department

Top 3 Moments in No Particular Order

1. Democratic and Sensitive Lee KwangSoo 

Lee KwangSoo was the first one to find the meeting location so he gets to choose his teammates. Instead of choosing for them he tries a democratic approach but no one bites. Awkwardness ensues. So do hurt feelings.

RM Ep 002 - Sensitive KwangSoo

2. Golden Pig Acting

RM Ep 002 - KwangSoo and Golden Pig

After not being able to find golden pigs, Pink team pretends they have a pig full of coins in it to the blue team will give them one. HaHa and KwangSoo showcased their awesome acting skills.

3. Peaceful Gary


Peaceful Gary strikes again! He wins in every single round this time landing the title of Champion.

Final Results

TBD. Stay tuned for part 2!

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