7.3 Awkward Start

Cast MVP

  • Yoo JaeSuk

Guest MVP

  • Lee Hyori
Games: 7
Funny Level: 7.5
Guests: 9.5
Location: 5.5

Filming Date: June 21, 2010

Air Date: July 11, 2010

Location: Times Square (Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul)

Guests: Hwang JungEum & Lee HyoRi

I have already seen all of these Running Man episodes but in honor of my trip to Korea I am rewatching, reviewing and recapping  as mentioned in this post. My hope is to run into filming of Running Man during my trip!

First Episode!!! 

The first episode of any show is a little odd. The cast doesn’t have much chemistry yet and the production team doesn’t have a set rhythm but the awkwardness does lead to some great moments.

Top 3 Moments in No Particular Order

1. SukJin Running Man Pose 



As if the introductions weren’t full of awkwardness to begin with, SukJin starts the show with this old fashioned pose.

2. Lee KwangSoo’s Introduction

Lee KwangSoo Introduction


Signs of being the symbol of misfortune appear from the get go! Poor Lee KwangSoo cannot get a word in all episode.

3. Lee Hyori Aegyo

 Lee Hyori Aegyo 2

Lee Hyori Aegyo 3


Lee Hyori using her aegyo to her advantage during the chicken leg fight competition. Though her streak did not last long, it did make for some good laughs.

Final Results

Winner: Expensive Team (Yoo JaeSuk, Kim JongKook, Lee KwangSoo, Song JoongKi, Hwang JungEum)

Loser: Cheap Team (Ji SukJin, Gary, Haha, Lee HyoRi)

Punishment: HaHa and Ji SukJin greet employees as they enter in the morning

HaHa Punishment

Bonus: Lee KwangSoo Fast Chicken Leg

Lee KwangSoo Speedy Chicken Leg

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