Back to Japan and my first time in South Korea. I am so excited!

Penguin & Giraffe

In honor of my trip (and a great reason to start posting more) I will be rewatching ALL of Running Man from the beginning and reviewing and recapping with a fresh eye.

I first got into the series during the Heirs episode and began watching random episodes solely to see the kdrama actors I loved. But as time went on I slowly fell in love with the cast which lead me to watch the show every morning during my morning commute and during my ride home. Whenever I had a long day the cast would always make me laugh at funny moments or gush at cute Monday Couple moments. It also lead me to discover many places in Korea I plan to visit during my trip! If I could run into them filming it would make my entire year. More like entire life though.

My reviews and recaps are obviously biased because I have seen the episodes before so please forgive me for that. I may give too much credit to my faves and badly review things I am tired of because it has been repeated a lot in future episodes. I ask for your understanding.

I cannot wait to start!

Ji Suk Jin Race Start

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