I think I have finally found my new main drama! Don’t get me wrong I have been addicted to Pretty Man and Reply 1994 but this is a drama that I hate to wait for a new episode to come out and it has just begun.

I think Yoona did a wonderful job in Love Rain but I think her character now, Nam Da Jung, has been developed so well so early. Her character’s bubbly persona is very approachable and warm which adds a lot to each scene in my opinion. Though she is bubbly, they reveal she has her own issues she needs to face: her father is in a home with Alzheimer’s disease.

The main highlight of the show so far is definitely her relationship not with the adult males but with Man Se (played by Lee Do Hyun), the Prime Minister’s youngest son. He is an amazing child actor who has appeared in a lot of dramas for his age. He is also incredible adorable. Best ending scenario so far: She adopts Man Se and they run away together and have a happy life.

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